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Compass & Map

Basic Land Navigation

As technology continues to grow and become a part of our everyday life, basic skills such as reading a map and using a compass seem to be left behind. GPS’s, Cellphone’s, and other technical means of getting from point to point are great tools that we use on a daily basis. At the same time, these tools all have one common fail point; 

they require batteries to work. This could be extremely detrimental to one’s survival, both mentally and physically. If one lacks confidence and the skills required to return back to a safe location without relying upon battery operated devices, the duration of the survival situation drastically increases. This is, of course, the opposite of what we want to achieve. During this 2.5 hour block of instruction, students will be exposed to the basic skills required navigate. This will include such topics as terrain association, using an orienteering compass in conjunction with a map, and developing a basic 6-point checklist students can follow to ensure they are headed in the right direction. 

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