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Getting Safe for Summer!

Summer is fast approaching and just like most of the country and even the world, everyone is ready to go from indoor workouts and binging your favorite shows to outdoor adventures and activities. Whether you are hiking at your favorite National Park, off-roading out West or enjoying your local beach, safety and preparedness should be at the top of your list of priorities along with your cooler, sunscreen, and Sunglasses. Below are some quick tips you can use to make your Summer both fun and safe!

1. Be as prepared as you can be, before going outside: Take survival skills classes, read survival literature, pack items specific to your outdoor surroundings.

2. Create a survival gear list: write down everything you would need during an expedition. Also, do some research on the area you are about to visit. Lastly, spread the word around to your closest friends and family. If anything happens, you always want to have individuals who can be sent out after you.

3. Food and Water: These must last for the length of your journey plus an extra 72 hours. Water can be used for washing, drinking, and cooking. US regulations recommend bringing around 3.78 liters per day.

4. Check the weather: Always check the forecast periodically before your trip. As we all know, the weather can change, and you should not continue your activity if there is news about a storm or bad weather.

5. Shelter (with enough space): Necessary items for you to bring are a knife, compass, and map. These are vital for orientation. With knowledge and practice, you can create a shelter powered by nature’s resources or you can bring your own lightweight tent. Be sure it is usable for the weather conditions and the type of soil. Since temperatures tend to drop at night, make sure to insulate your place of retreat with leaves and grass.

- Variant Tactical Solutions

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