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I should say "shouldn't" Why? "shouldn't" and "can't" are two things but why? It's illegal yes, that is offtopic. and it is not getting clear what the issue is. so please stick to technical support. thanks I know that, but why you need to release it? Oh, I see. I need to release it because it's free and I have the source code Because it's illegal. mc_teo: that doesnt make sense. ubuntu ships all packages in the official repos. you only have to put the sourcecode in a public accessible space. so what is your real issue here? Yeah. But it's not "illegal" Just because it's illegal, does not mean it's illegal, any common sense is required That's my opinion, and you don't have to agree. I agree and so your technical support question is? is that something ubuntu can do to help? No, the question is, what is the best way to do this in terms of security and ownership of the code mc_teo: so in the official ubuntu repo you got the package from. so you get the official ubuntu repo. I'm looking for something I can use on an old version of ubuntu and still has the functionality of the newer version mc_teo: and what is your issue with the "can't" and "shouldn't" or whatever. mc_teo: build the Ubuntu version, it's only 5Mb. I'm sorry, I think that's what you want, I'm trying to help the guy who doesn't speak English there is a package And you can build it without internet connection, if you have enough free space



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Autocom Cdp Release Patch Keygen Torrent.rar

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