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Surviving Captivity / Confinement Training / Defeating Personal Restraints

When capture avoidance fails and an individual becomes someone’s captive, understanding how to conduct one’s self and the things he or she should be looking for become extremely crucial to survival. It is at this time when situational awareness is most important in order to implement the life-saving skills covered in this lesson. Whether it is establishing rapport, humanizing yourself, or simply understanding your capture and their motives, are all as equally important to surviving a captivity situation. We will present the students with methods and techniques to help themselves and their team should they find themselves in such a situation. From there we will move onto ways to defeat personal restraints a capture may use against their captive such as zip-ties, adhesive materials, and handcuffs. Please be advised that all material taught will be at the Unclassified level, no clearance is required.

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