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Food & Water Procurement

Most of us do not tend to think about, or really prepare for, eating and drinking on a daily basis as this activity is typically satisfied by going to the refrigerator or a local restaurant. It goes without saying that water and food are two critical items needed to sustain life and in this case, make it out of our survival situation. During this block of instruction, we will go over how to procure, prepare, and store both water and food resources. The students will be introduced to basic rules, recommendations, and things to consider when meeting their basic survival need of sustenance. We will cover field-expedient water purification and filtration methods and the risks involved if such tasks are ignored. We will also place emphasis on the benefits of conducting an area study, not from a security and safety standpoint, but as it pertains to edible plants and animals (flora and fauna) in one’s area. Finally, students will learn basic snares and other primitive techniques that can be applied when procuring small mammals, birds, and fish. 

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